I have been in contact with Dave for probably ten plus years. He had contacted me from time to time about roles that were always well within my scope. Recently Dave contacted me for a role that was perfect for me. We discussed the role and he didn’t have all the details at the time, and he was very clear to tell me that he needed a few more facts to fully inform me about the position. He followed up within a couple of days and had the full picture. After a thorough discussion of the pluses and minuses he was kind enough to present me. I was offered a series of interviews and was ultimately offered the position. Dave prepared me for the interviews and gave me solid tips along the way. One thing that truly impressed me about Dave during the process was that he was always concerned about me as a fit and my happiness. It wasn’t just about filling the role. Dave kept the process moving by following up on both sides where appropriate. He was incredibly professional, helpful, knowledgeable and accessible throughout the entire process. I will work with Dave again to hire my own team.”