Search and
Selection Process

Find the Right Impact Player or Company

Finding the right person or the right company is hard work. Trust the professionals at The Alpine Group to take the time to do it the right way with a process that’s yielded thousands of success stories.

Before you choose a recruiting firm, you should be comfortable with its search and selection process. If your recruiting firm relies exclusively on the internet or an outdated database, it is probable that you will not be able to secure the best talent available.

Our Process

We utilize the following in-depth and comprehensive process to conduct each search:

  • Interview hiring manager for information on position and company
  • Offer consultation on salary level and attractiveness of position
  • Develop a marketing plan. Elements can include:
    1. Our internet site
    2. Direct mail or e-mail campaign
    3. Direct contacts
    4. Our international network of professional recruiting firms
    5. Postings and communications in our self-governed LinkedIn Groups
  • Develop lists of potential candidates:
    1. By abilities/experience
    2. By job function/title
    3. By geographic region
  • Recruit from lists, from our database, and from memory
  • Enthusiastically present the career opportunity
  • Apprise the hiring manager of our progress
  • Qualify and evaluate candidates
  • Anticipate possible problems:
    1. Counteroffer
    2. Relocation
    3. Non-compete contracts
  • Present candidates verbally and with resume
  • Recommend the appropriate interviews:
    1. Arrange each interview
    2. Prepare candidate
  • Brief hiring manager
  • Debrief candidate and employer:
    1. Move ahead with this candidate? Why?
    2. Interview other candidates? Why?
    3. Maintain or change the direction of the search? Why?
  • If relocation is required, introduce candidate to our relocation services
  • Arrange subsequent interviews
  • Assist employer with terms of offer:
    1. Present offer to candidate
    2. Negotiate the differences
  • Counsel the future employee on resigning from his current employer
  • Confirm the commencement of employment
  • Follow up with candidate and manager within 30 days:
    1. Telephone call
    2. Evaluation questionnaire to candidate
    3. Evaluation questionnaire to company

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