Life Science Research

We work across all disciplines in the life science market, and our specializations are molecular biology, biochemistry, and the separation sciences. The candidates we represent are strong technically, and many have extensive experience in big-ticket, capital equipment sales. We place people nationally, and our geographic areas of emphasis in the life science market are New England, the Mid-Atlantic, and California.


The marketing professionals and client companies we represent span a broad range of applications, with a particular focus on proteomics, separations technology, molecular biology, and biochemistry. We place marketers from the product manager to the senior vice president level depending on the size of the organization. Senior level searches are on a priority basis and require an Engagement Fee from the employer.

Corporate Development

Clients often have needs to bring in senior-level corporate development and marketing personnel to build new product development processes or establish licensing programs. Many of our candidates are PhD level or MBA corporate development professionals who specialize in helping small to mid-size organizations develop strategic plans. Most of them have extensive deal-making experience with mid-size and big pharma companies and bring with them a long “deal sheet” and large Rolodexes. Vice President level searches or higher are on a priority basis and require an engagement fee from the employer.

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