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2013 Salary Survey: Medical Device Marketing

Each year I analyze the results of self-reported salary information to get a current understanding of average compensation levels across the Medical Technology industry. In this blog I’ve analyzed salaries in the Medical Device space.

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Behavioral Based Interviewing & STAR Questions

“The best way to predict what someone will do in the future is based on what they’ve done in the past.”   When interviewing candidates for job openings, we are trained in large companies to ask them

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Interview Show and Tell?

Whether CEO’s or first line Marketing Managers, we humans have a tendency to believe and retain more through what we see than what we hear. So the next time somebody says that you don’t need

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Using Videos to Apply to Job Postings

We have had significant success using brief YouTube videos to advertise new job opportunities since busy people don’t have the time or interest to read lengthy job descriptions that they receive on a routine basis.

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Responding to Recruiter Bulk Emails

How to Best Respond to Bulk Emails from Recruiters My colleague Michael Pietrack pointed out that one of the necessary evils of the recruiting business is bulk emailing. We discussed how most recruiters try their

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A Twist on Reference Checks

One of the most important steps in the hiring process is one of the most over-looked: the Reference Check. Checking references is usually done in haste in order to get an offer out to a

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Too Many Recruiters?

I got a call from a client of mine at a Medical Device company that needs to fill a key marketing position in a hurry, but not compromise on quality. He gave me the job

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Resume Tips

I’ve reviewed tens of thousands of resumes over the past 14 years in Executive Search and can safely say that some are better than others – much better. Here are a few tips about resume

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Selecting Your References

One of the services I provide for my clients is checking references for candidates I represent. The hiring managers are looking for a list of at least 3-4 professional references – people who have worked

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Onboarding New Team Members

As an executive recruiter, I’ve heard many stories about onboarding debacles. I wanted to share some best practices so that your company can avoid some common pitfalls and retain the people you have worked so

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