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Preparing for the Next Recession

Preparing for the Next Recession I admit it – I’m a Prepper. Not the kind with machine guns and years of freeze-dried food stored in the basement; I’m generally more concerned with preparing for financial

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The Cost of Bad Writing

The Cost of Bad Writing From the dawn of human commerce the livelihood of marketing professionals has been built on clear communication, and with the growing importance of electronic messaging the need for effective writing

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Job-hopping – a generational thing?

Job-hopping – a generational thing? I work with hiring managers to identify candidates for openings that fit their “ideal” profile. On the wish list of criteria is always a “track record of success,” often defined

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Top Five Candidate Regrets

Top Five Candidate Regrets As I talk with talented Marketing and Business Development professionals I’m in a unique position to observe career decisions that lead to positive outcomes and those that don’t. After many years

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Upward Mobility – What happened?

Upward Mobility – What Happened? I’ve written before about the generational differences in the United States regarding upward mobility and relocation for career advancement. In the past Baby Boomers and their parents were routinely willing

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Cost of Living Adjustments?

Cost of Living Adjustments? I fill a lot of jobs in places like the San Francisco Bay Area, Southern California, Boston and New York. As compared to other locations in the U.S. it is rather

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Turning down retainers – Just say “no”

Turning down retainers – Just say “no” Many of my long-standing clients will ask me to help them fill executive positions on a retained search basis. In most cases those projects work out extremely well

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Blind dating in the workforce

Blind dating in the workforce I know it’s weird, but the analogy is accurate. Debriefing with candidates after their job interview is similar to asking them about their first date with someone they just met.

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Consolidation & Contraction

Consolidation & Contraction Usually these blogs provide commentary on the different elements of the recruiting and staffing process, but this one focuses on changes in the Med Tech and BioPharma business. I first got into

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Ready to move up to the next level?

Ready to move up to the next level? The most commonly cited reason people state for making a change to a new company is for an opportunity to move up – to grow and develop

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Fantasy Football for Recruiters

Fantasy Football for Recruiters This time of year many of us are busy crafting our strategy for upcoming Fantasy Football drafts, combing through magazines or reading websites. Particularly in those early draft rounds we only

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