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Ready to move up to the next level?

The Blogs of Dave Murphy: Ready to move up to the next level? The most commonly cited reason people state for making a change to a new company is for an opportunity to move up

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Fantasy Football for Recruiters

The Blogs of Dave Murphy: Fantasy Football for Recruiters This time of year many of us are busy crafting our strategy for upcoming Fantasy Football drafts, combing through magazines or reading websites. Particularly in those

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What’s the risk in changing industries?

The Blogs of Dave Murphy: What’s the risk in changing industries? I frequently have conversations with people who are contemplating a change in industry, or changing the market in which they work within a given

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Closing in the Interview Process

The Blogs of Dave Murphy: “Closing in the Interview Process” Once we get past the first few jobs in our career there is always the question about how to close gracefully in a final interview.

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5 Things Recruiter’s Cant Do

I like to think of myself as an all-knowing, all-powerful staffing expert, but over the years I’ve learned that my influence as an Executive Recruiter has it’s limits. Sometimes candidates I try to assist in

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More Resume Tips

I review about 100 resumes each week and can safely say that some are better than others – much better. As a recruiter I have the luxury of talking a hiring manager through someone’s resume

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What about the “Overqualified?”

The Blogs of Dave Murphy:  What about the “Overqualified?” As a Search Consultant I work closely with clients to understand the key skills they are seeking when filling important positions.  They always give me clear

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Corporate Relocation: We’ve Come Full Circle

Murphy’s Law on Recruiting Blog: “Corporate Relocation: We’ve Come Full Circle” There was a time, early in the post-WWII economic boom, when corporations rarely considered offering financial assistance to new employees to help compensate for

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