Dave Murphy

Managing Partner

Phone: 1-970-241-4043, Ext. 112
Email: dmurphy@TMACmail.com    


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Dave Murphy is the Owner/Manager
of The Alpine Group and specializes
in recruiting Marketing and Business 
Development personnel in the Bio-
pharmaceutical, Medical Device and
Life Science industry.

Recruiting Philosophy: "I'll Sleep When I'm Dead"

Prior to founding The Alpine Group in 1999, Dave spent 12 years in sales and marketing in the pharmaceutical industry with Merck and Wallace Laboratories. He knows from experience what successful candidates bring to an employer, as well as what hiring managers are looking for to strengthen their organization. His client companies range from small biotechnology companies to large lab automation, medical device and drug companies.

Education: MBA; Masters of Public Administration (University of Illinois); BS in Marketing

The people he recruits are those individuals with consistent top-level performance that can document their success in Marketing, New Product Planning, and Business Development in the Biotech and Pharma industries.

"I work confidentially with candidates who are successful and happy in their current role, but who would seriously consider making a change that will clearly enhance their career."  

Testimonials & References

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"I have worked with Dave many times over the years and he never lets me down. I’m always pleased with great marketing candidates – it’s such a pleasure to work with him."
- Marketing Director, The Posey Company

"I had the opportunity to work with Dave during my recent career move. Throughout my interaction, Dave consistently demonstrated high degree of professionalism, deep knowledge of the medical device community and strong integrity in representing me to the companies.
Dave is a seasoned veteran in the recruiting business and he uses his experience and skills to support the candidate in a truly customized way. From the beginning, I felt that he was entirely focused on me and genuinely interested in my career goals. He played several vital roles throughout the interview process. At times, I thought he was the cheerleader encouraging me to keep it going and at other times, he was playing the devil's advocate to keep things in perspective for me. His attention to detail throughout the process in terms of having prep calls prior to interview, sharing tips about interviewing well and then, quick follow up after the interviews, are exemplary. It is not common to have that sort of extensive support from a recruiter and I truly appreciated that.
In the times where recruiting is becoming so much mechanical and robotic, Dave clearly differentiates himself with a perfect balance of results - oriented approach with a much- needed personal touch.
I strongly recommend Dave Murphy for any of your recruiting needs. He is undoubtedly one of the best recruiters that I have come across in my 15 plus years of professional career."

- Sr. Director of Marketing, Conmed

"Dave and I have been working for awhile but couldn’t quite make a hire based on fit and timing. The candidates have gotten better and we are excited about (NAME CONFIDENTIAL). I enjoy working with Dave."
- VP of Marketing, Medtronic

"I have referred Dave to numerous peers in my own organization.Dave has placed exception talent within our organization and stands by his placements"
- Manager of Talent Acquisition, Medtronic

"Dave is a pleasure to work with and he is the first person I call when I have critical staffing needs in our Marketing department."
- Director of HR, Impax Laboratories

"I have found Dave to be pleasant to work with and professional. He is at the very high end of competence for his profession. In fact, he has become my sole supplier for externally sourced candidates. Many of my colleagues have utilized Dave's services, and they have had great success working with him as well.I would enthusiastically recommend Dave to source sales and marketing management talent within the pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device industries."
- VP of Marketing, Entellus Medical

"I have worked with Dave Murphy to fill a number of important management positions in my region. I have found Dave highly motivated to locate the right people for our organization. Dave takes the time to research my hiring needs and understand the hiring profiles required; he consistently brings me quality candidates that meet my profiles.
Dave makes the hiring process faster by only referring appropriate candidates and screens out those who would not be a fit for my region and our organization. He also conducts timely and comprehensive reference checks. In addition, Dave has the integrity to remove candidates from the process when he identifies areas of concern, even if it could possibly cost him a placement."

- Director of Medical Affairs, Actelion

"Dave does a thorough job of managing candidates' compensation expectations, so I have never had an issue once offer has been extended. After the offer's acceptance,he calls me periodically to ensure that all is going well. He genuinely cares about what he does my satisfaction and the person placed"
- Group Marketing Manager, Abbott

"I strongly recommend Dave - he is extremely experienced, reliable, and forthright - his success in meeting the unique challenges of recruiting and hiring for biotech is exceptional."
- Director of Marketing, Medivation

"Dave also works with and coaches the candidates as they leave their current organization and join Novartis. In short, Dave helps the candidates in their transition from their current employer to Novartis. Dave is a pleasure to work with, and he is the first person I call when I have critical staffing needs."
- Sales Manager, Novartis

"I have referred Dave to numerous peers in my own organization. Dave has placed more talent in our organization than any other recruiter in the country."
- Sr. Regional Director, Novartis

"I have worked with Dave Murphy as a recruiter for over five years, and have known him professionally for over 10 years. Dave has sourced multiple sales and marketing professionals for me and my organization. My experience working with Dave has been highly successful and rewarding."
- Global Marketing Manager, Abbott

"Prior to initiating a search, Dave does a thorough job understanding my hiring needs and constraints. Consequently, he is able to effectively screen candidates.In fact, since the candidates he presents are so well qualified, I rarely utilize a pre-screen from an HR professional within my organization."
- VP Medical Affairs, Canyon Pharmaceuticals

"During the search and hiring process, Dave does a very effective job of handling meetings and communications between me and the candidates. He is highly responsive and readily accessible during the process. As such, there are few instances in which we waste each other's time. Further, he does a great job "pre-closing" candidates such that the rate of acceptance of offers is very high.
Lastly,Dave continues to follow-up after offers are accepted. He coaches candidates through the transition with regard to issues such as handling the notification process and responding appropriately to counter offers. Further, he provides tips to us regarding the on-boarding process for new employees to reduce the chance for "second thoughts." Every candidate that I have sourced through Dave is still with the company and has exceeded the standards for their position."

- Marketing Director, Protein Simple

"The requirements for a recent hire Dave worked on were especially challenging given the company size of 40 employees. Finding the right talent is critical for a small company. Without the luxury of double coverage or overlap of responsibilities inherent in larger organization you must, without exception, meet or exceed your staffing skill and experience requirements. The biotech world is a complex one, staffing requirements often consist of a combination of broad overall experience with deep expertise in several important capacities. Even with these unique challenges, Dave can be relied upon to find the right fit for both company and employee."
- Client

"Dave is highly motivated to locate the right people for our marketing organization. He takes the time to research my hiring needs, understand the hiring profiles required and as a result, has consistently brought quality candidates that meet my profiles."
- Client

"Dave makes the hiring process faster by only referring appropriate candidates and screens out those who would not be a good fit with the organization as well as the hiring manager. If Dave identifies an area of concern, he has the integrity to remove candidates from the process, even if it could possibly cost him a placement"
- Client

"Dave does a thorough job of managing candidates' compensation expectations, so there are no surprises on either end. After the offer's acceptance, he has exceptional follow up with both the candidate and myself to ensure that all is going well."
- Client

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